(The Justice Anthem) – Single
by Minus2

© Copyright – Eric L. Minus and Daryl L. Minus / In Season Music Group, LLC Release Date: July 7 2020 Genre: Jazz
Breathe Album by Minus2

About [ Breathe ]

Dr. Daryl Minus and Dr. Eric Minus are not only accomplished educators, but also owners of an independent record label. With all that is going on in society right now, they wanted to highlight the current landscapes of injustice and intolerance (as artists).

During this pivotal time in our Nation’s history, many are seizing the opportunity to elevate discussions about the things that bind us together as human beings and express their perspectives in a variety of ways. In the spirit of using artistic expression as a conduit for expanding conversations around social change, Minus2 invites you to check out our new single: “Breathe: The Justice Anthem.” Available today on all digital music platforms, proceeds from the single will be donated to The Black Light Project, a non-profit organization committed to highlighting the positive images of Black males in their communities.