Minus2 is the brainchild of two talented brothers, Daryl and Eric Minus. Creative forces of nature, the brothers, along with long-time friend and partner N. Jeremi Duru, Esq. are owners of the ISMG label, songwriters, music producers, arrangers, and multi-instrumentalists. Minus2 uniquely combines Jazz, Funk, and Gospel elements into a colorful collage of instrumental artistry. Inspired by Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Miles Davis, Robert Glasper, and a host of others, the Minus brothers have been creating and performing diverse musical styles for over 30 years. The Minus brothers have created a signature sound of their own known as Contemporary Fusion, using all the music influences that have shaped their creative existence over the years. Each Minus2 project on the ISMG label highlights their fierce commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and expanding their songwriting and music production talents.

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